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What to Bring - What is Provided

What to Bring:

Please bring a good pair polarized sunglasses as seeing what is happening on and in the water is very important with our style of fishing. Amber or copper lenses work best. A hat with a brim preferably one that gives full sun protection, appropriate clothing for Florida's changing climate, camera, drinks and snacks, fishing license (snook tag extra if we are not catching and releasing), any necessary medication, and a desire to catch fish. Please wear footwear that you do not mind getting wet, dirty or getting sucked off your feet if wade fishing. You can bring your favorite tackle if you desire but please discuss this with your guide in advance. We want to make sure that you have tackle that is suitable for the day’s trip. If you do not have your own rod and reel, one can be supplied for a small fee, usually enough to cover cleaning costs ($15). *If you loose or break a rod or reel or one goes overboard, we will expect you to cover replacement cost.

If you prefer live or frozen bait, it can be purchased at an additional charge payable at the launch.

*Florida fishing license may be purchased online at or at any Walmart. Several bait shops also provide 3 day licenses.

What is Provided:

We will provide solo Native Watercraft kayaks with the most comfortable seats available in a kayak, Aqua-Bound/Bending Branches paddles, personal floatation vests, emergency whistles, anchor trolley system, rods at an additional cost (if you loose or break a rod or reel or one goes overboard, we will expect you to cover replacement cost), leader, terminal tackle, a dry storage container, sunscreen SPF30+, bug spray, a small cooler and ice for your drinks (6 pack size).

It is of the up most importance to discuss with your guide any physical and/or medical limitations you may have prior to scheduling your trip. Our goal is for you to have a safe memorable experience; not to push you to the limits of your endurance.

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